The Office for Projects and Scientific Cooperation

The Office for Projects and Scientific Cooperation

The Office for Projects and Scientific Cooperation was established for the purpose of systematically monitoring of the implementation of project activities at the level of higher education institutions and the provision of advisory and administrative support to primarily scientific and teaching staff, staff of higher education institutions and with project management.

With regard to scientific cooperation, the Office is working on systematic achievement and improvement of quality and productive scientific cooperation with existing and potentially strategically interesting domestic and foreign higher education and scientific research institutions.

The Office also organises and carries out educational activities related to project management in general and education, information days and workshops on specific themes related to individual tenders, specifics and management procedures and other interesting topics from the mentioned area, in accordance with the needs of the institution.

The Office also keeps records on the status of project activities of higher research and archives applications as well as official project documentation relating to the University Department of Croatian Studies.

Regularly informing the employees of Croatian Studies on the possibilities of participation in projects as well as official communication with the bodies in the project management system is also carried out by the Office.


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