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Danijela Vnučec Grdović

The Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life opens a call of interest for prospective candidates interested in developing a 4-year PhD research on digital news media.

GENERAL RESEARCH TOPIC — Innovations in digital news media 

The overall topic of research will be to identify, analyze and model the most innovative editorial, technological, marketing and/or business trends in digital media. Depending on the applicant’s background and origin, research will be focused either on European, Latin American or, more specifically, Spanish digital media markets; proposals for cross-national researches on other world regions are also welcome. 
The aim of the project will be to provide a documented profile of the digital media market of any of these areas, in order to identify and analyze the most successful media projects, which could serve as models for the media industry.


FINANCIAL DETAILS — The successful candidate will be awarded with a fellowship under the following financial conditions: 

    • 13.130 EUR gross yearly for the grant phase (years 1 and 2)

    • 15.150 EUR gross yearly for the contract phase (years 3 and 4)

In addition, the candidate will enjoy special discounts on the tuition fees for doctoral studies at the University of Navarra, and will also have his/her health insurance covered by the public health system.

HOW TO APPLY — Fill in this form and send it by email to Prof. Ramón Salaverría (rsalaver@unav.es), director of the Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life.


Closing date for submission: May 4, 2016
Decission inform to applicants: mid June 2016
Start date: September 1, 2016

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