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Danijela Vnučec Grdović

We have the pleasure to inform you that a new Call for foreign students, wishing to be admitted at the Galilean School, has been published at the link http://www.unipd-scuolagalileiana.it/en/content/call-foreign-students
Candidates can apply on-line between 18 March and 25 May 2016.

The Galilean School of Higher Education (SGSS) will offer up to 5 fellowships reserved to foreign students (residing outside Italy), willing to enroll in any Master Program offered by our University. As you might know, our University is structured around the 3+2 Bologna system, and the present call is for the +2 (Master, in Italian Laurea Magistrale, LM) biennial cycle. Any program is eligible, from humanities to sociology to sciences. What really matters is the high quality of the student, so we rely on your kind advice to spread the news among students or faculty you might consider interested.
The official announcement is available on the web site of the School:
Applications must come between 18 March and 25 May 2016, in order to complete the selection by early June 2016. The selection will be based on records of previous University performance, recommendation letters and possibly an interview via skype. Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree (or obtain it before August 31, 2016) and not be older than 26 at the time of application.
The privileges of foreign Galilean students are really appealing, from free lodging and meals, to a contribution to buy books and one return air ticket for each academic year. The Galilean School reserves the right to provide a further economic help up to 5.000,00 Euros for each student. Moreover, the students will enjoy dedicated courses and tutors.
Several curricular programs in our University are entirely taught in English; see www.unipd.it/en/courses/courses-held-english/degree-courses-completely-held-english (the academic year 2016/2017 updates are in progress). May be there are foreign student who would like courses in Italian, e.g. for History or Latin and Greek or Italian literature. The School will provide a dedicate course for learning Italian, which is useful anyhow to live in Padova for two years, and advice for other languages. In conclusion, the School is ready to help with the language issues to the satisfaction of the student.
We require very good and motivated students scoring among the top 5% (no votes below 24/30, minimum average 27/30, both in curricular and internal exams during the Master program). The students have to take curricula and internal courses. The courses internal to the School are offered in English.


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