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The undergraduate university study programme in sociology provides students with research methods and professional terminology specific to the field of sociology to the extent that enables them to secure professional employment in public and private institutions in the economic, political and cultural sphere. Over a four-semester period, students enrolled in the graduate study programme in sociology at the Centre for Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb will further advance the knowledge acquired during the undergraduate study programme, as well as acquire new professional knowledge and practical skills which are essential for independent work in a range of professional positions, with an emphasis on those activities which require understanding and interpretation of social processes, social relations, values and all forms of social activity. 

Published: 2014-06-11 at 18:24
Edited: 2014-06-26 at 12:44
Dario Pavić

Rector's Award for the best student papers and artistic achievement for the academic year 2013./2014. has been awarded to graduate student in sociology 

Valentina Asančaić:  Trendovi kretanja teškog nasilnog kriminaliteta djece i maloljetnika u tranzicijskim zemljama na početku 21. stoljeća: Komparativni prikaz Hrvatske i Srbije (Trends in Severe Crimes of Children and Adolescents at the beggining of the 21st century: Comparative Review of Croatia and Serbia); Mentor Irena Cajner Mraović, Associate Professor.

This valuable student work in sociology provides scientific contributions to contemporary comparative criminology. 
On behalf of all the teachers and students of the Department of Sociology we congratulate Valentina and we hope we will continue to enjoy her contribution to the academic community.

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