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Valerija Macan Lukavečki, dr. sc.


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Odsjek : Department of History
mr.sc. graduation year:2005
PhD graduation year:2009
Department since:2014


Valerija Macan Lukavečki, born in 1977. Baccalaureate in theology in 2002 on Catholic Faculty in Theology of University of Zagreb. Since academic year 2002/2003 on postdoctoral research study at Pontifical University Gregoriana in Rome where achieves license on Faculty for Church History and diploma at Superior Course for Cultural Heritage of the Church with subject: ‘Ignudi’ and Medaglions of the Vault of the Sistine Chapel. Both stream finishes in 2005 and in 2006 starts with Phd study at Faculty for Church History and Cultural Heritage of the Church of the same University with subject: Giorgio Giulio Clovio - the last major season of the miniature art. Doctoral dissertation also under guidance of professor dr. Heinrich Pfeiffer finishes in 2009.

Since 2006 works in Office for cultural heritage of Archdiocese of Zagreb, and since 2009 on Catholic Faculty in Theology at University of Zagreb as assistant at department for Church History (since 2011 as higher assistant).

From other activities: writing for catholic newspaper Glas Koncila and Kana as journalist. Employed in Center for dissemination of Church social doctrine (Croatian Diocese Conference). In 2004 collaborated on a project of cataloguing for Diocese museum opening (Gaeta, Italia).

Specialization field: history and art of Renaissance with emphasis on archive research, manuscripts and miniature studies. Her research area are Church history and relationships with secular history where publishes some of scientific papers. She published works on cultural heritage in Croatia. As one of the authors of exhibition ‘Juraj Julije Klović’ in 2012 worked on exhibition setting and opening. In exhibition catalogue publishes written papers and edits the catalogue. Since 2014 works as postdoctoral researcher at Croatian Studies – History Department.

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