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The number is a prerequisite for enrolment and opening the UNIZG computer account. Student need to submit the filled in and signed the OIB-form at the following address: ADDRESS: Ministry of Finance – Tax administration (POREZNA UPRAVA), Avenija Dubrovnik 32 - trams No. 6, 7, 14 – stop “SREDIŠĆE”; go to the 5th floor, room No. 529 WORKING HOURS: 8am – 1.30pm The issuance of the OIB-number is free of charge. 2.             ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE GO TO THE FACULTY/ACADEMY AT WHICH YOU WILL STUDY CONTACT PERSON FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS University Centre for Croatian Studies (HRSTUD) University Campus Borongaj Borongajska cesta 83d, 10000 Zagreb Ms Danijela Vnučec Grdović STUDENT SERVICES (REFERADA), 9-11 am - 1-3 pm GSM: ++385 95 9148 988; ++385 12457 617 E-mail: DOCUMENTS NEEDED
  1. 2 photos (passport size)
  2. fill in the enrolment forms (to be obtained at the faculty/academy you enrol)
  3. buy the student book - so called “INDEKS” (price: 150HRK)
  4. fill in computer forms to open an account (username and password)
  5. get a stamp on the form for public transportation
Exchange students may enrol at the faculty/academy that accepted them for exchange. Changes to the learning agreement need to be made in the first two (2) weeks after the enrolment. 3.             PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PROVIDER: ZET - Zagreb Electric Tram, Ozaljska street 105   What to do to get a monthly tram pass for students
  1. fill in the ZET-form, sign it and have it stamped by the student services at the faculty/academy where you enrol
  2. 1 photo passport size – needs to be stamped by the faculty/academy
  3. issued and confirmed student book INDEKS (needs to be presented as a proof of the student status)
  4. COST: 30 HRK for the tram pass and 120 HRK for the monthly ticket
  ZET-form needs to be submitted at the main (central) ZET building at the end station “LJUBLJANICA” (tram lines 3, 9, 12), ticket window 11.   WORKING HOURS: 7:30 am – 3 pm ZET monthly tickets can be bought at ZET branches/offices all around the city or at TISAK newsstands / shops. The ZET office nearest to the city centre is in Petrićeva street No. 4, working hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm. 4.             STUDENT CARD – “XICA” The student card, so-called “xica”, enables students to eat for a cheaper price in student restaurants. The monthly state subsidy a student receives on the card is approx. 780HRK / 110EUR. HOW DOES THE CARD WORK -        75% of the full price for the meal is subsidized by the state, students pay only 25% -        The card is temporary and valid only during your stay in Zagreb   IMPORTANT 1.      If you lose the card, the Ministry of Science will NOT issue a new one before going back home, please return the card to the International Relations Office, Zvonimirova street 8 or to the coordinator at the faculty/academy where you study because your card will be reprogrammed and used for students coming in the next semester 5.             RESIDENCE PERMIT To apply for the permit you will need to submit the following documents at the Central Police Station in Petrinjska street 30, HR-10000 Zagreb:
  1. form1a,
  2. acceptance letter from UNIZG stating the study purpose of your stay (in Croatian)
  3. 1 photo in colour (35x45mm)
  4. copy of the passport – first page with the photo
  5. proof of sufficient means of subsistence (statement of bank account, scholarship confirmation or  similar)
  6. proof of secured accommodation – the form from the student residence with your personal data + one copy of this form OR in case of private accommodation rental contract and proof of ownership (to be submitted within 72 hours upon your arrival).
COST OF THE PERMIT (administrative fee): Erasmus student are exempted of paying the fee. All other categories of exchange students pay the fee of 550HRK . IMPORTANT: All documents need to be translated into Croatian and certified by a public notary (for example: Lingua-soft, Frankopanska 5A, Phone: + 385 1 4830 401, email: Student living in private accommodation need to report to the police 72 hours upon arrival, students in the student halls of residence have 30 days upon arrival. 6.             WELCOME DAY FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS WHEN: Friday, 1 March 2013, at 13-14:30 WHERE: Aula Magna, main university building at Trg maršala Tita (Marshall Tito square 14) 7.             CROATIAN LANGUAGE COURSE CROATICUM – Croatian as Foreign and Second Language Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb Ivana Lučića street No. 3 8.             IN CASE YOU NEED A DOCTOR If you don't feel well and need a doctor, this the address where you can turn to / make an appointment: GENERAL PRACTICE                                                                                     Ljubica Lazić Vuletić, dr. med. ADDRESS:Martićeva 63 a Phone 01 4604 145 – doctor 01 4604 140 – nurse DENTAL   MEDICINE Danijela Klobučar ADDRESS: Martićeva 63 a Phone 01 4604 121 WORKING HOURS                                                                                       uneven dates – morning: 7am-1.30pm even dates – afternoon: 1-7.30pm If it's a weekend / bank holiday, you should go to the EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE INSTITUTE located in Heinzlova 88. This hospital receives accident victims and patients with sudden, serious illnesses 24-hours a day. In emergencies for which an ambulance is needed dial 112! 112 is the emergency number for fire, ambulance and police. You will be asked to explain what has happened, where it has happened and from which number you are calling. 9.             OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT – ONLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS OF THE UNIZG Studentswho are entitled to some kind of financial support during the exchange period by the University of Zagreb should open their bank account at the RAIFFEISEN BANK, at the nearest branch-office: Jurišićeva street 9, Mon.-Fri.: 8am-8pm, Saturdays: 8.30am-12.30pm   DOCUMENTS: 1. passport, 2. letter from the University of Zagreb confirming the amount of scholarship (provided by the IRO office), 3. confirmation from the police station that you regulated the permit (only at PBZ bank), 4. OIB number. After opening the account students need to return to the IRO office so we can make a copy of the bank contract.

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