Social Impact Analysis
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Lecturers in charge: doc. dr. sc. Ivan Balabanić
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Analysis of social impact is an effort to advance the value and assessment of social consequences that are likely to follow from the implementation of certain policies or programs, and specific actions by public or local politics, or individual public or private organizations. The importance of carrying out the analysis of social impacts is a direct consequence of recognizing the complexity of human communities and the realization that negative, unintended consequences may obscure the initial desired positive effect of the implementation of policies / programs / changes. The aim of this course is to enable students to recognize the different levels of potential social impacts as a result of the implementation of policies / programs / changes, learn to prepare an analysis of social impact, identify important indicators of social impacts according to the different dimensions of its importance for the individual, family and community, and to enable them to independently create project of social impact assessment.
  1. Burdge, Rabel J.; A community guide to social impact assessment; Social Ecology Press (2004)
Optional literature:
  1. Brajdić Vuković, M., Ančić, B. i Domazet, M.; Podrška: Trajni učinak ili poticajni trenutak?; Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnoga društva (2014)
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