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doc. dr. sc. Andreja Sršen
Title:Assistant Professor
Function:Assistant Professor
Location: 13
Public phone number:245-7652
Internal phone number:7652
E-mail: E-mail
Odsjek : Department of Sociology

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university undergraduate

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  Andreja Sršen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb, Department of Sociology - Faculty of Croatian Studies, where she teaches the following courses as a lecturer in charge: EU Sustainable Development Policies,  European Society and Integral Ecology, Sociology of Croatian Society-Sociology of Croatian Regions and Sociology of Identity. She teaches the course "Integral Ecology" at the Catholic University of Croatia. Her main academic interests are the areas of  Integral Ecology, Catholic Social Teaching, Croatian identity, EU sustainable development policies which she presented at several international conferences.  She participates in the project "CRO Laudato si" at the Catholic University of Croatia on the basis of the Pope's encyclical Laudato si. She is the project manager of the project "Different Community of Communion, Historical and Contemporary Principles of Connecting Croats and the Catholic Church in Rome" and the project "Europe and the Culture of the Remembrance". She is involved in a whole range of international initiatives and research projects.

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List of select projects


2019 - Europe and the Culture of Remembrance

2020 - CRO - Laudato si'

2020 - Different Community of Communion, Historical and Contemporary Principles of Connecting Croats and             the Catholic Church in Rome




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